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Sitges Weather: Typical Climate and Temperatures Throughout the Year

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Ask any Sitges resident about the weather in their town and they will proudly tell you about the microclimate in the area. Sitges is protected by mountains, providing it with a climate that is unaffected by surrounding areas. It could be pouring with rain in Barcelona, and the sun could still be shining in Sitges. I have been told that there is sunshine in Sitges for an average of 300 days of the year. Rain is rare in this town.

This page provides a short description of the average weather conditions in each season, plus a link to the daily weather conditions in Sitges.

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Average Temperatures in Spring

Spring in Sitges is likely to suit those who enjoy sunshine but are not completely addicted to the heat. Temperatures from March - June range from around 16 - 22 degrees. This is pleasant beach weather, although you are unlikely to want to jump into the chilly seawater.

Average temperatures in Summer

Summer in Sitges is a real scorcher. Although it is generally less humid than areas such as Barcelona. Temperatures from June - September range from 25 - 28 degrees, although they can definitely get higher than this on the hotter days. This is weather for true sun gods and goddesses. Children and elderly people may struggle at the height of summer in Sitges.

Average Autumn temperatures

Autumn tends to have a similar feel to spring in Sitges. Temperatures from September - November range from 18 - 26 degrees. Again, this is weather for those who wish to enjoy other activities in Sitges aside from just the beach. However, especially during September, the beach is still busy in Sitges. It is a good time to enjoy the town without having to deal with the hoards of summer holiday tourists of July and August.

Average Winter

Winter in Sitges is mild and provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy the town for its indoor delights, as well as its beautiful town. A lack of rain ensures that you will still be free to wander the streets of Sitges in good old fashioned 'jeans and t-shirt' weather (although at the height of winter you may wish to bring a jacket too). Temperatures from December - February range from 13 - 18 degrees.

A Daily Guide to Weather in Sitges

For a daily guide to the weather in Sitges, see the Sitges Tourist Information Official Website.

One of Sitges' real selling points is its weather. The ever-present sunshine works perfectly in this seaside location. Even if you are not a fan of the beach and the heat, there are still times of the year when Sitges will appeal to you.

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