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Taxi Rank outside Sitges Train Station
Taxi Rank outside Sitges Train Station

Sitges is a small town, but you may find that you need to use a taxi whilst you are there. There are two main taxi firms in Sitges - one based outside the train station and one outside the main tourist information office. You do not need to go to these points to catch a taxi - you can call the numbers provided below and ask them to come to pick you up. Alternatively you can hail a taxi in the street.

This page provides the contact telephone numbers for the two taxi firms in Sitges.

Private Transfers to / from Sitges

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Taxis from outside train station

Plaza Eduard Maristany

Tel: +34 93 894 1329

Taxis from outside the tourist Office

Sitges Tourist Information Office
Sitges Tourist Information Office

Sinia Morera, 1

Tel: +34 93 894 1329

Tip Many of Sitges' taxis have machines within their cars that allow you to pay for your journey by card. This is helpful if you have no change on you and don't want to pay the taxi driver to wait whilst you run out to a cash machine. If you wish to use this service, make sure that you check with the taxi driver before your journey begins as to whether he has a machine for taking visa and credit cards.

If you need information on how to get to Sitges from Barcelona by taxi, see my Guide to Getting to Sitges. If you need to travel to Sitges from one of the local airports by taxi, see my Transfers to Sitges from the 3 Nearest Airports: Barcelona, Girona and Reus.

Taxis in Sitges are useful for travelling to the more places that may be slightly outside of the city centre or if you are travelling with heavy luggage. Taxis are also a cheap option if you are travelling in a large group. If you are trying to budget on your holiday, it may be worth checking our Buses in Sitges, Spain to see whether there is a bus that will take you where you need to go - the bus routes cover some of the more far flung hotels, plus swimming pools, tennis courts, the Marina and golf courses.

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