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Getting to Sitges from Barcelona - Transportation by Bus, Taxi and Train

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Sitges Train Station
Sitges Train Station
There are various options for getting to Sitges from the city of Barcelona. If you are travelling in the day you are most likely to wish to travel by train - the cheapest and quickest option.

However, the bus is nearly as cheap and nearly as fast (see below for prices and times) and a night bus option means that it is available twenty-four hours.

This page provides details for transport options to Sitges from Barcelona - bus, train and taxi. The topics covered are times, prices, stations and some insider tips.

Private Transfers to / from Sitges

More Information Private Transfer from Barcelona Airport to / from Sitges

Getting to Sitges from Barcelona by Train

There are three main train stations in Barcelona that offer a service that runs to Sitges: Estació de França, Passeig de Gràcia and Estació Sants. The C2 train travels from Franca to Passeig de Gràcia to Sants and then on to Sitges. The final destination of the train is either Vilanova i la Geltru or St. Vincenç de Calders - these are the names that you should be searching for on departure boards and on the front of the train rather than Sitges.

Platform Departure Board for Train to Sitges
Platform Departure Board for Train to Sitges
Train to Sitges
Train to Sitges

Tip It is worth noting that not all of the trains start at Estació de França or return there. They travel more frequently to and from the other two stations - Estació Sants and Passeig de Gràcia. Therefore, if you wish to travel to or from Estació de França in particular it is best to check the timetable (see below) for which trains begin at that station.

Price of the Train Ticket

Train tickets can be purchased either from automated machines or from ticket desks - you will normally find that it is quicker to use the machines. Although, they don't answer back, so take the time to join a queue for one of the ticket desks if you have any particular questions.

Single Journey: €4.10
Return Journey: €7.20

Tip You will note that there is no money to be saved in buying a return journey, as opposed to two singles. Therefore, if you are not sure what time you plan on returning to Barcelona, you can simply buy a single. This means that if you miss that last train back to the city, you can simply buy a bus ticket without having wasted any money (see below for details of the night bus).

Times of the train from Barcelona to Sitges

Trains to Sitges from Barcelona run approximately every twenty minutes, starting at  (from Estacio de França) and finishing at  from (Barcelona Sants). The journey lasts 46 minutes from Estació de França, 37 minutes from Passeig de Gràcia and 30 minutes from Estació Sants. Train times are subject to change - it is therefore best to check the Official Renfe website for more details - this is its branch for local trains, known as Cercanias.

Train from Barcelona to Sitges
Operating hours: 07:04 - 19:04

Tip If you are deciding whether to travel from Passeig de Gràcia or Estació Sants it may be worth adding an extra five minutes to your train journey and getting on at Passeig de Gràcia. In general, Passeig de Gràcia is a less hectic train station - ticket queues are shorter and platforms are less packed. It is also before Estació Sants on the line - increasing your chances of getting that much-sought-after seat on what is often a busy train.

Getting to Sitges from Barcelona by Bus

Bus Stop in Sitges
Bus Stop in Sitges

Buses to Sitges from Barcelona leave from Plaça España and Ronda Universitat during the day. They are run by a bus company called Bus Garraf. The journey from Ronda Universitat to Sitges takes 55 minutes and from Plaça España it takes 45 minutes - although this can be longer at weekends as the bus makes more stops. The buses go via Barcelona airport (El Prat de Llobregat).

The Nightbuses are under a different name - they are not called Bus Garraf and are simply given numbers N30, N31 or N32. They run from Plaça de Catalunya rather than Ronda Universitat or Plaça España. The night bus journey is shorter as it goes directly from Barcelona to Sitges, with the journey time lasting 35 minutes.

Bus fares Barcelona to Sitges

Single Journey: €4.50
(purchased on the bus)
Ten Journeys (T-10 ticket for Zones 1 - 3): €17.45

The T10 (Zone 1 - 3) travel ticket can be purchased from the Sitges Train station however it is not available for purchase on the bus itself.

Bus Schedule

The Bus Garraf runs twice per hour from Monday to Friday during the day. On Saturdays the bus runs every hour. On Sundays and Holidays they run nine times per day.

The night bus runs four times per hour.

Night Bus
Operating hours: 00:55 - 04:54

For details of the times of the Bus Garraf check the Bus Garraf Website. Go to the 'Timetable Searcher' and key in 'Aeroport' to 'Sitges'. The times provided will be either for Monday - Friday, Saturdays, Sundays or Nighttime. It is important to check this as it may be subject to change.

Tip If you are planning to get the train back from Sitges to Barcelona, but you arrive at the train station and realize that the train is delayed it can often be a quick and convenient option to get the bus. The bus leaves from close to the train station at Parc can Robert on Passeig de Vilafranca (just under the bridge after Sitges' main tourist information office).

Getting to Sitges from Barcelona by Taxi

Sitges is located approximately 42 km south of Barcelona. A taxi journey will take about 40 minutes.

Taxi fare: €75.00 - €85.00

If you would like driving instructions on how to get from Barcelona to Sitges, see my Guide to Getting to Sitges, Spain from Barcelona by Car.

There are numerous cheap and convenient options for getting from Barcelona to Sitges. On arrival in Sitges, whether by bus or by train, you will find yourself less than ten minutes walk from the beach. If you plan in advance it will help you to figure out the option that is likely to prove most convenient to you.

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