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Bus Transport Around Sitges Centre

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A Sitges Bus
A Sitges Bus
Sitges is a small town and so its buses are the same. You will see the little blue vans, that seat approximately twenty people, driving around the outskirts of town. The buses start their route outside of Sitges train station. It is worth remembering that they stop running in the evenings, so after this point you will need to rely on taxis.

Sitges Bus
End of service: 20:45

This page covers the three bus routes around Sitges - where they go to and where they pass, bus timetable and bus prices.

Private Transfers to / from Sitges

More Information Private Transfer from Barcelona Airport to / from Sitges

Line 1 - Poble Sec and Vallpineda

This line covers the North of Sitges. It is useful as its route passes the Caprabo Supermarket, the home of a weekly market - Plaça de Catalunya and two swimming clubs. It also travels close to Sitges' main tennis club.

The Route of the L1 Bus in Sitges

  1. Sitges Train Station
  2. Camí dels Capellans
  3. Camí de la Fita - Plaça de Catalunya
  4. Cami de la Fita - Piscina Municipal (public swimming pool)
  5. IES Joan Ramon Benaprés (heading up)
  6. Pruelles 7 Mas Alba (heading up)
  7. Avenida Camí Pla / Caprabo Supermarket
  8. Cementiri
  9. Pruelles / Mas Alba (heading down)
  10. IES Joan Ramon Benaprés (heading down)
  11. Cami de la Fita (heading down)
  12. Policia Municipal / Bombers
  13. Avenida Ronda / Passeig Vilafranca
  14. La Bóvila
  15. Vallpineda
  16. Club Natació (Swimming Club)
  17. Parc Can Robert (Paseig Vilafranca)

Line 2 - Can Pei and Terramar

L2 covers the western side of Sitges. It runs along the promenade, towards the end of the beaches. It is useful if you are staying at Hotel Terramar, as it stops right outside of the building. This also means that it will bring you close to Sitges largest golf course.

The Route of the L2 Bus

  1. Sitges Train Station
  2. Oasis (Passeig Vilanova)
  3. Passeig Vilanova / Avenida Sofia
  4. Passeig Vilanova / La Granja
  5. Passeig Vilanova / Call Jaume Figueres
  6. IES Vinyet (Calle Ramon Dalmases Marqués de Mura)
  7. Camí de Coll
  8. Escoles Públiques
  9. Calle d'en Pepe de Garraf / Calle dels Taron¡gers
  10. Escola Maria Ossó (Ramon Dalmases Marqués de Mura)
  11. Passeig Vilanova / Avania Navarra
  12. Avenida Navarra / Calle Clarassó
  13. Avenida Navarra / Avenida Josep Carner
  14. Hotel Terramar
  15. Passeig Maritim / Calle Josep Planes Robert
  16. Passeig Maritim / Calle de Roma
  17. Avenida del Vinyet / Passeig Doctor Benaprés
  18. Avenida del Vinyet / Calle Reverend Joan Lloveras
  19. Avenida del Vinyet / Plaza Antoni Garcia Munté
  20. Avenida del Vinyet / Avenida Sofia
  21. Avenida Sofia (roundabout)
  22. Passeig Vilafranca / Sant Francesc

Line 3 - Llenabtina and Quint Mar

The L3 bus covers the eastern side of Sitges. It is useful if you are either staying at Hotel Melia Gran or going to see a play or performance in the auditorium there. It is also useful if you are heading to Sitges' Marina Area.

The Route of the L3 Bus

  1. Sitges Train Station (on the other side of the road, outside Farmacia - the pharmacy)
  2. Calle Rafael Llopàrt (Escola Esteve Barrachina)
  3. Calle Port Alegre (Platja San Sebastian)
  4. Plaza Doctor Bartomeu Robert (the cemetery)
  5. Hotel Melia Sitges
  6. Llevantina (Heading up) Calle Corts d'Aragó
  7. Calle de la Sardana / Calle de l'Escala
  8. Calle del Roc Florit / Calle de la Malvasia
  9. Calle del Roc Florit / Calle del Corral d'en Falç
  10. Quint Mar (Zona Esportiva - sports centre)
  11. Passeig Margalló
  12. Passeig de l'Espígol (Escales)
  13. Passeig de l'Espígol / Passeig del Fonoll
  14. Llevantina (going down)
  15. Calle Sant Jordi (Plans d'Aiguadolç)
  16. Calle Devesa (Mossos d'Esquadra - police station)
  17. Els Molins
  18. Calle Ángel Guimerá / Calle Lluís Companys
  19. Cases Noves
  20. Calle Emili Picó

Tip It is important to remember that these buses only go one way. Therefore, even if you wish to go to the stop right at the end of the route you will have to travel the whole journey from the train station if this is where you get on. So, for example, if you are at the train station and you wish to go to Parc Can Robert you will have to travel the entire route of the L1 bus before getting there.

Timetable for buses

Each of the three bus lines run twice an hour at quarter past and quarter to the hour.

Month Day Time
January - December Monday - Sunday 08:45 - 20:45


Bus fares

One Way Journey: €1.50
Ten Journey Ticket (T-10): €6.15

If you are buying a ticket for a single journey this can be purchased on the bus itself. If you wish to purchase a T-10, allowing you to save money on the journeys, this must be purchased from Sitges train station. Please note that this T10 is a different T10 than the one that you can purchase for use in Barcelona - you cannot use the same T10 in both Sitges and Barcelona.

Bus Stops

All three buses leave from outside of Sitges train station. It is worth noting that the L3 bus leaves from across the road from the station - outside the pharmacy, whereas L1 and L2 leave from the left hand side of the station (when facing the station).

How to get to Sitges

If you need information on how to get to Sitges from Barcelona by bus, see my Guide to Getting to Sitges. If you need to get to Sitges from one of the local airports by bus, see my Transfers to Sitges from the 3 Nearest Airports: Barcelona, Girona and Reus.

Sitges buses may not be as necessary as public transport in major cities. However, they will bring you to the harder to reach parts of town. They also provide a cheap alternative to taxis or car rental. Remember that they only run twice every hour, so it is worth keeping an eye on the timetable to ensure that you don't just miss one.

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