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Barcelona to Sitges by Car: Instructions for Driving or Taking a Taxi

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The Beachfront in Sitges
The beachfront in Sitges
Driving to Sitges from Barcelona can be a real pleasure. Barcelona lies approximately 40 kilometres north of Sitges, so Sitges can be reached in under an hour. This page provides driving directions from Barcelona to Sitges - for both a long and a shorter journey. It also provides a link to information on other travel options to Sitges from Barcelona - by train, bus and taxi.

Private Transfers to / from Sitges

More Information Private Transfer from Barcelona Airport to / from Sitges

Driving Route From Barcelona To Sitges
(Total Distance 41 km)

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Then take C - 32 to Passeig de la Tramuntana leading to Sitges

Get on B-10 from Via Laietana

Travelling to Sitges from Barcelona by Car

There are two options for the journey - the scenic route or the motorway. The scenic route will take you along the winding roads of the coast. At points the journey is slightly hair raising as the coastal roads take you along cliff edges. If you are prone to car sickness you may want to take whatever precautions you find most effective for the journey - this drive is certainly anything but a straight one. However, it is definitely worth the extra time and effort - allowing you to get up close and personal with the craggy cliff edges and glimmering shores of the Costa Brava.

If you are short of time or are not too fond of heights, you may prefer to take the more direct route to Sitges - along the C-32. This should shorten your journey time and provide a more direct route. However, don't forget that this road will require you to pay a toll. Where as the other option will be free of charge.

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