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Sitges Shopping: Clothes, Markets and Supermarkets

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Groove Records in Sitges
Groove Records in Sitges
This page provides links to pages with details of clothes shops, markets and supermarkets. Each page offers the locations of the shops, plus contact details, opening hour and insider tips for Sitges shoppers.

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Clothes shops

In the town centre you will find a wide range of shops selling men's, women's and children's clothing, household goods, souvenirs, chocolates, music, shoes and everything in-between. If what you want is clothes and gifts, much of this can be found in the streets surrounding the central Plaça Cap de la Vila square.

For a guide to where to head for the best clothes shopping in Sitges, see my Clothes Shops in Sitges page.

Food Shops

If you are in search of food shops, you can find these dotted throughout the town. To avoid paying tourist prices it is best to head towards the larger supermarkets at the back of town (see below for more details). Food shops close to the beach can charge prices far higher than the average. Also, for a more Spanish experience, try shopping in the food market and the local delicatessens, bakers and butchers rather than the supermarkets.

For advice on the various places to go to do your food shopping in Sitges, see our Guide to the Supermarkets in Sitges.


Sitges' largest market is a food market. However, there are also other temporary markets that take place offering clothing, arts and crafts. Sitges is a creative town with lots of artist residents and so the standards of the work on offer tend to be high.

If you are interested in checking out the various markets in offer in Sitges, see my Guide to the Markets in Sitges, Spain.

Tip To avoid disappointment, make sure that you don't forget the standard Spanish shop opening times - 10:00 - 14:00 and 17:00 - 20:00. You will find that many of the more central tourist shops and the chain shops do not close for siesta. Also, many of the shops in Sitges extend their opening hours during the summer months. However, if there is a shop and you are not sure what its opening times are, it is best to ask in the shop if you are hoping to return at a later date.

Sitges' shopping opportunities are extensive and varied. Keep an eye on shopping times and remember that this is a tourist town and prices can often reflect this.

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