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Clothes Shops in Sitges: Boutique and Brand Shopping in Sitges Centre

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A shop in Sitges
Clothes shop in Sitges
Sitges is a small town with a wide variety of shops. It is an affluent area and so its town centre is full of shops selling a wide variety of clothing.

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What types of Clothes Shops are Available in Sitges?

Sitges offers a varied array of clothes shops. For a small town, it has an impressive selection of chain shops - these include Replay, Adolfo Dominguez, Lacoste, United Colours of Benetton and Vermont trainer shop. All of these are located along the long street that is Calle Major, turning into Calle Sant Francesc (see below for more details).

Groove Records in Sitges
Groove Records in Sitges

If you are looking for more individual, boutique style shops, these can also be found in abundance. Shops such as Groove Records on Calle Major offer clothing (as well as music) for a younger generation. Shops such as Escales and Cabeli - both on Calle Sant Francesc - provide fashion for more sophisticated women. You will also find an abundance of shoe shops, as well as men's clothing shops.

Escales Sitges
Escales Sitges

Where to Go for Clothes Shopping

Most of Sitges' shops can be found in the city centre. A good starting point is Plaça Cap de la Vila. Four streets run from this square - Calle Major, Calle Parellades, Calle Jesus and Calles Sant Francesc - offering an abundance of shopping opportunities. Calle Parellades and Calle Jesus are slightly more touristy, with a heavier focus on cafés and souvenir shops, with a smattering of clothes shops. However, Calle Major and Calles Sant Francesc are jam packed with clothing opportunities.

Opening Hours for Clothes Shops

Lacoste in Sitges
Lacoste in Sitges

Due to the fact that Sitges is a tourist town you will find that many of the shops hold more convenient shopping hours than in other parts of Spain. The traditional shop opening times are 10:00 - 14.00 and 17:00 - 20:00. However, many of the city centre shops do not close for siesta - particularly the chain shops. Often, especially during the summer months, they will also stay open until 21:00.

For an overview to the shopping opportunities in Sitges, including markets and supermarkets, see our page Shopping in Sitges.

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