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Vegetarian Restaurants in Sitges: Vegan And Vegetarian Cuisine

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Despite Sitges' large amount of restaurants, it does not have one in particular that specialises in vegetarian cuisine. However, this does not mean that you will struggle to find food that is suitable for vegetarians in the town. On a large percentage of restaurant menus, you are likely to find at least one option that does not contain meat or fish.

It is worth bearing in mind that Spain does not have a particularly good international reputation when it comes to catering for vegetarians. That being said, Sitges is a town with an international and modern atmosphere. There are as many Asian influenced restaurants as there are traditionally Catalan ones. Health food is also popular. However, if you are unsure as to whether a dish will contain meat, be sure to ask and also emphasise the importance of the dish being meat-free and not simply with the meat 'picked out'.

This page provides a few examples of restaurants where you will find a satisfactory percentage of vegetarian options. The links will lead you to pages with contact details, locations and further information on the various restaurant types.

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Asian influenced food

Sitges has a large amount of restaurants offering food such as Thai, Japanese and Chinese. These places have extensive vegetarian options throughout their menus. Sit Thai is often cited as one of Sitges' best Asian restaurants. For more information, see our Guide to Asian Restaurants in Sitges.


A pizza is often a safe option for vegetarians. You will know exactly what is in your dish according to the pizza toppings. Even if you like the sound of a pizza with meat in the ingredients you can always ask for your dish to be prepared minus this. Sitges has an astonishing amount of pizzerias. For more information, see our Guide to Pizzerias in Sitges.

Tapas Bars

Although traditional Catalan cuisine normally contains meat or fish, tapas can be a good option for a vegetarian. If you are sharing tapas with meat eating friends, you can ensure to order the vegetarian options. For more information on the tapas bars in Sitges, see our Guide to Spanish Restaurants in Sitges.

Tip If you are, in fact, a pescetarian, the food options are far greater for you in Sitges. As a seaside resort, the town is jam-packed with restaurants offering high quality seafood. There is everything from traditional Catalan cuisine to sushi. For more information on the seafood restaurants on offer, see our Guide to Seafood Restaurants in Sitges.

Despite Sitges' lack of specifically vegetarian restaurants, it does have enough options to ensure that you can survive a holiday. Take a look at menus as you walk around the town and keep your eyes peeled for options that will suit everybody.

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