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El Trull Restaurant in Sitges
El Trull Restaurant in Sitges
Sitges is a town that is full to the brim with restaurants of all varieties. The choices are wide, but the standards can vary considerably. It is important to know how to separate the over-priced and low quality from the restaurants who take pride in what they do and offer value for money.

At the bottom of the page there is a link to a page providing details for the restaurants in Sitges sorted into categories - Japanese, American, Asian, Chinese, French, Indian, Mexican, Pizza, Seafood, Spanish, Thai.

It is worth remembering that people often eat later in Spain, so if you walk past a restaurant that you like the look of and there is nobody in there, don't write it off immediately. You could return half an hour later (at, say, 21:30 or 22:00) and find the restaurant buzzing with people.

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Seafood in Sitges

It is worth remembering that Sitges is a coastal town. For this reason, seafood is common in many restaurants, and there is a good chance that the standard will be high. As with anywhere in the world, it is best to avoid seafood on a Monday - the one day of the week when the fish may not be fresh as there has been no delivery on Sunday. If you are in a restaurant and are unsure of whether they will be serving fresh or frozen fish, do not be afraid to ask as they will be obliged to give you an honest answer. It seems such a waste to be located by the sea and to be served frozen fish from somewhere else in the world.

Japanese Food

Perhaps due to Sitges' cosmopolitan style, it has a generous selection of Japanese and sushi restaurants. Again, due to the town's seaside location, sushi works well here. Sushi is based largely on seafood, and there is a high chance that the food on offer will be fresh.


As with many popular tourist spots around the world, Sitges has an astonishing amount of pizzerias. These can be an option if you are looking for an affordable dinner in town. The standards are likely to be varied. It's best to head towards the pizzerias that look popular - it's a telling sign when a thronging restaurant sits next to one with one lone diner. However, in towns like Sitges, quality can sometimes come second to location. Therefore, try to have a look at the pizzas on the plates of those who are dining - are they the style and standard that you like?

Traditional Spanish Food

There is a generous selection of traditionally Spanish restaurants in Sitges. They offer either Catalan fare or tapas. For a guide to the best way to tackle tapas, from an insider's point of view, see my Etiquette of eating tapas page. This guide will help you to understand a little more about the various tapas that may be on offer.

For a detailed guide to the restaurants in Sitges, see my Restaurants in Sitges page.

Sitges has an eclectic selection of restaurants on offer. Whilst in town it is a good opportunity to try some more varied cuisines than those that you may find in other, more traditional parts of Spain. If you are walking around during the day, keep an eye out for restaurants that take your fancy that you can return to for lunch or dinner. It is far better to have your restaurant already planned than to begin your hunt when you are ready to eat a cow between two bread vans.

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