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Alma Restaurant in Sitges
Alma Restaurant in Sitges
Sitges is a relatively small town. However, it offers a whole host of eating opportunities. Due to its popularly as a tourist destination each of the streets in the town centre offers a spectrum of ideas for a meal out.

I have split Sitges' restaurants into categories in the hopes of making it easier for you to find the sort of restaurant that is suited to you. In Sitges you will be able to find a healthy amount of traditional restaurants selling Catalan cuisine. However, you will also be able to satisfy any cravings that you might have for sushi, pizza or burgers.

This page provides links to various pages listing the different cuisine options in Sitges. It covers American, Asian, Chinese, French, Japanese, Mexican, Pizza, Seafood, Spanish and Thai restaurants in Sitges. Each listing provides the restaurant name, address and contact telephone number.


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American restaurant in Sitges. For more information see my Guide to America Restaurants in Sitges.


Asian cuisine is popular in Sitges. See this page for an overview to Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Indian and Sushi Restaurants in Sitges: Guide to Asian Restaurants in Sitges.


If you need a break from tapas, there are a handful of Chinese restaurants in Sitges that may be exactly what you're looking for. See my Guide to Chinese Restaurants in Sitges.

El Trull Restaurant in Sitges
El Trull Restaurant in Sitges


There are some beautiful looking French restaurants in Sitges - housed inside historic old buildings and serving classic cuisine. For more information, see my Guide to French Restaurants in Sitges.


Due to Sitges' seaside location it has the means to offer fresh seafood - central to Japanese cooking. To check out the abundance of Japanese restaurants in Sitges, see my Guide to Japanese Restaurants in Sitges.


Mexican restaurant in Sitges, offering food and drinks at affordable prices. For more information, see my Guide to Mexican Restaurants in Sitges.

Pizza Restaurants

Pizza is always a good option to please the whole family. It also offers an affordable opportunity for a meal out. For information on the abundance of pizza restaurants in Sitges see Guide to Pizza Restaurants in Sitges.

Seafood Restaurants

Sitges is the perfect place to indulge in some seafood, right on the water's edge where it was fished from. A majority of restaurants in Sitges will offer some kind of seafood. Here is a list of the restaurants who specialize in seafood: Guide to Seafood Restaurants in Sitges.

Spanish Restaurants

If you wish to try some local fare, there are many options in Sitges. I have created a list of what is on offer, splitting the options into Catalan cuisine and tapas: Guide to Spanish Restaurants in Sitges.

Thai Restaurants

Another Asian cuisine that is popular in Sitges. Sitthai restaurant is known for being one of the places to be in town. For more information see Guide to Thai Restaurants in Sitges.

Whilst in Sitges, make sure that you avail of the many restaurants that are on offer. Whether your priority is beachfront location with sea views, quality cuisine or a place to see and by seen, there is something for everybody in Sitges town.

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