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Chinese Restaurants in Sitges Spain

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Sitges is a relatively small town with a surprising amount of Chinese restaurants. If you have already had your share of tapas and paella, it may be worth heading to one of these restaurants to try something different.

This page offers details for the Chinese restaurants in Sitges - names, addresses, websites and telephone numbers.

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Tip Some restaurants in Sitges may offer Chinese as part of a selection of what they call 'Asiática' - Asian cuisine. This can cover Chinese, Taiwanese and Japanese cuisines, amongst others. For a more general Asian cuisine meal check our Guide to Japanese Restaurants in Sitges.

La Muralla Chinese Restaurant

La Muralla
Carrer Bonaire, 14
08870 Sitges, España.

Tel: +34 93 894 5497

La Perla de China Chinese Restaurant

La Perla de China
Carrer Bonaire, 16
08870 Sitges, España.

Tel: +34 93 811 1273

Chinese cuisine pops up wherever you go to across the world - it is one of the most popular international cuisines. Spain has a relatively large Chinese community - so you can hope to enjoy an authentic Chinese experience at one of Sitges' Chinese restaurants.

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