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Asian Restaurants in Sitges Centre

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Sitges is a town full of traditional Spanish restaurants. However, it also has an impressive array of choices for those who are interested in some more eclectic eating experiences. Asian cuisine seems to be popular in the area. Sushi seems particularly popular - probably due to the endless supply of fresh fish available in the seaside town.

This page provides links to pages detailing the Asian cuisines available in Sitges - Japanese, Chinse, Indian and Thai.

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Tip If you are looking for restaurants selling Asian food in general, see the Japanese food page. There are a handful of restaurants in Sitges offering what they describe as 'Asiatica' - dishes from various countries including Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan and China.

Asian restaurant types

Follow each one of the links below to learn more about each type of Asian cuisine in Sitges.

Japanese Restaurants

Chinese Restaurants

Indian Restaurants

Thai Restaurants

Sitges' Thai restaurant - Sitthai, has a reputation as one of the best in town. It offers authentic Thai cuisine and the setting is glamorous - with cushioned seating and low lighting. If you have tried every tapas on the menu, twice over, you may enjoy a refreshing change at one of Sitges' Asian restaurants.

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