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American Restaurants in Sitges Centre

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The SOCA restaurant stands for 'Southern California' and provides American cuisine in Sitges. The restaurant pride themselves on offering the type of cuisine that is served in the beach towns of California - with a focus on freshness and health. This is likely to be in keeping with the surroundings of Sitges - mixing sunshine, seaside and glamour.

SOCA American Restaurant in Sitges

SOCA Restaurant
Carrer San Gaudenci, 9
08870 Sitges, España.

Tel: +34 93 894 3046

SOCA is a modern restaurant with an outlook that is likely to suit many of Sitges' inhabitants. It offers healthy and fresh food that could be a good option for those wishing to strut their stuff on the beach. The restaurant's décor is modern and colourful - with exposed brick walls and brightly coloured tables and chairs.

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