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A Guide to Real Estate in Sitges, Spain - Area by Area

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Sitges Real Estate - Estate Agents
Sitges Real Estate - Estate Agents
Sitges is a relatively small town, but within Sitges itself there is a large amount of variety in terms of housing - each district offering different benefits and different price brackets.

I met for an interview with Alexandra Dekker of Sitges Real Estate. She has been in the business for over nine years and has owned her own company for seven. She talked me through each of the areas in Sitges where property is available and what each of them has to offer.

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Could you tell me about Sitges and its various areas?

Sitges Town Centre
Sitges Town Centre

In general, Sitges is an expensive place to live. However, within Sitges itself there are different areas that will suit different lifestyles, tastes and budgets. When considering the house or apartment that you want to live in, it is first best to consider your priorities. For example, would you prefer to live somewhere smaller and with a beachside location as opposed to somewhere further from the beach but with more space? Is your priority being close to a school rather than close to bars and clubs?

In terms of giving an overall idea of house prices in the area, prices tend to be lower behind the railway line in Sitges. Houses that are on the beachfront will be double the price of those in the town centre. Once you head further out to areas such as Los Molinos (see below), property is cheaper again.

I will take you through each area of Sitges and explain its features area by area.


A House in Terramar, Sitges
A House in Terramar, Sitges

This is the area located to the western side of Sitges - that which lies beyond Passeig del Doctor Gaietá Benaprés. It is an area that is known as 'first line', i.e. it offers houses on the beachfront. This is where you will find the most expensive houses in Sitges. It has wide and leafy streets and is largely residential.

Houses in Terramar
1,000 m2
Price: €2,000,000


This is the area that sits next to Terramar, but to the other side of Passeig del Doctor Gaietá Benaprés - closer to the town centre. In this area it is more possible to find apartments, compared to in Terramar where only stand-alone houses are available. It is an affordable alternative to Terramar for those looking for a location close to the beach.

Can Pei

It is often said that when this area was built they tried to call it Vinyet, or Upper Vinyet. However, this did not work as it does not have the same exclusive feel to it that Vinyet has. It sits above Vinyet, at the other side of a main road. There is a public school in the area, which appeals to families. It also offers the option of lots of apartments. Again, this an affordable alternative to Vinyet, whilst still being in this area.


This is a new urbanisation that is constantly growing. It is located in the eastern area of Sitges - above the Marina area. It is on a high slope - making getting around more difficult, but ensuring good sea views.


This is a green area of Sitges that is popular for its international school. It is second to Terramar in terms of price and has a reputation as a desirable area. This is largely due to the fact that it offers a lot of independent housing.

Los Molinos

This is one of the more affordable areas of Sitges. It is located behind the railway line to the north of Sitges.

Real Estate in Los Molinos
Square metre
Price: €4,000

Poble Sec

This is an area of town that sits behind the railway line - allowing it to be more affordable. Properties in this area are cheaper than in places like Vallpineda. Apartments are available here, rather than just independent housing.

Pins Vens

This area sits to the north of Sitges, behind Poble Sec. It is a popular location due to the fact that it offers walking distance to the railway station.

Can Girona

Can Girona is another area that is newly developed. This means that there are lots of plots that are still for sale here. The area is located to the westernmost point of Sitges. It sits behind a golf course, which is perfect for golf fanatics. The area also has a five star hotel - the large Hotel Dolce complex.


Aguadolç Port Area in Sitges
Aguadolç Port Area in Sitges

This is the port and marina area of Sitges. Everything in this area is leasehold so there is nothing to buy, only to rent. It has a reputation for having nice restaurants. It is also popular amongst the boating set.

To read more of the interview with Alexandra Dekker, see my Interview with a Sitges Estate Agent - Providing Advice for Overseas Buyers. This page will give you a more general overview to property rental and purchase in Sitges - why Sitges is a popular place to buy property, the criteria to consider when buying or renting long term in the area and the practical steps that need to be taken when buying a property in Spain.

As is clear from this interview, Sitges has a variety of options for renters and buyers. There are new areas constantly being developed with houses and apartments to suit a variety of budgets and requirements. In case you cannot afford a property in the centre of Terramar for: €2,000,000

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