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Sitges Theatres: Plays, Shows and Musicals

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El Retiro Cinema in Sitges
El Retiro Cinema in Sitges
Sitges is a creative place where culture is at the forefront of a lot of people's minds. Despite this, there is no one venue dedicated purely to theatre. However, there are two old cinemas that also host plays and shows. The Cinema Retiro and Casino Prado have spaces that occasionally programme plays alongside jazz and dance shows.

This page provides details of both venues, with contact information and descriptions.

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El Retiro Theatre

El Retiro is a cultural centre with its own cinema and bar. It also includes a stage which is often the site of live music, dance shows and theatre. It is an old-school building that feels refreshing in an age of multiplexes. This is reflected in their approach to advertising, thus there is no website. For information on the venue's monthly programmes, call the number below or pop in to pick up one of their leaflets.

El Retiro
Carrer Angel Vidal, 17
08870 Sitges, España

Tel: +34 93 894 0137

Casino Prado

Casino Prado's Entrance and Restaurant
Casino Prado's Entrance and Restaurant

El Prado has a similar feel to El Retiro. It is an old building with a 1920's feel to it. The cinema also houses a casino and a restaurant. In the terrace area of the building there is an outdoor stage that hosts shows of dance and theatre. Like El Retiro, the venue does not have its own website. Therefore, it is necessary to contact them directly for programme details.

Casino Prado Suburense
Carrer Francesc Gumá, 6
08870 Sitges, España

Tel: +34 93 894 3110

Sitges is a town that is brimming with culture. There are often events taking place in the town. It is not always effective at advertising this, so if you want to find out if any theatre will be taking place whilst you are in town, it is best to contact Tourist Information directly.

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