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Sitges Music: Concerts, Clubs, Events and Music Festivals

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Pacha Sweet Nightclub in Sitges
Pacha Sweet Nightclub in Sitges
Sitges is renowned for being a party town. It is also a place that is the home to many creative types of people. The town places a strong emphasis on culture and this is reflected in its musical calender.

Whether you are interested in techno, classical music or tango, you'll find something to tickle your fancy in Sitges. Throughout the year various festivals and events celebrate numerous genres of music, whilst there is also a constant supply of club nights and gigs.

This page provides links to articles dealing with the various musical events that take place in Sitges. This will include nightclubs, concerts, carnival and events. Each separate page provides details of the type of event, the location, the dates where relevant and what to expect.

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Sitgestiu Cultural Festival

This festival takes place each July, August and September in Sitges. It is an event in which Sitges' beautiful old builidings open their doors to concerts for the public. You can hear organ music in the church, jazz in Cau Ferrat, modernist opera in Museu Maricel and brass bands in the palace.

Tickets for each event are reasonably priced and events take place throughout the three months. For more information on the festival, plus how to buy tickets, see my Guide to Sitges Festivals.


Each year in February for an entire week, the streets of Sitges are filled with music. Mardi, Carnival or Carnestoltes, what ever you like to call it, ensures that the streets are filled with processions and floats providing all matter of music.

For more information see my Guide to Sitges Carnival.

Dance Events

For those who enjoy a boogie, Sitges offers some events that give you the opportunity to learn from the experts or simply watch them in action. Both the Festival of Swing and the Festival of Tango take place in Sitges. They give people a chance to sign up for lessons, as well as putting on shows and parties.

For more information regarding what happens at the festivals, plus links to next year's programmes, see our Sitges Events page.


Sitges is famous for its club scene. The town is packed with clubs, many of which are gay, offering various forms of dance music for the night owls. There is popularity for techno, minimal and house music. However, if you take a look around you may be able to find other venues offering disco, soul or pop.

For a full guide to where to go for a night out in Sitges, see our Sitges Nightclubs page.

Sitges may not have the modern edge of places such as Barcelona, but it holds its own for a town of its size. Prior to your holiday, take a look at the various programmes to see what might be available during your trip.

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