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A Guide to Two Star Hotels in Sitges, Spain

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Two star hotels are abundant in Sitges. Even if you are looking for some luxury, it is worth taking a look at the two star options. Hotels such as El Xalet and Noucentista offer classic Modernista style surroundings, large bedrooms and breakfast included in the price.

This page provides information on the two star hotels in Sitges - names of the hotels, addresses, websites, prices and telephone numbers. The prices offered are more of a ball park figure, so for exact rates it is worth contacting the hotel directly.

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Hotel El Xalet (2 star)

El Xalet
Carrer Illa de Cuba, 35
08870 Sitges, España.


Tel: +34 93 811 0070

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Hotel Montserrat (2 star)

Montserrat Apartments
Espalter, 27
08870 Sitges, España


Tel: +34 93 894 0300

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Hotel Noucentista (2 star)

Carrer Illa de Cuba, 21
08870 Sitges, España.


Tel: +34 93 810 2666

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Hotel Romántic (2 star)

Carrer Sant Isidre, 33
08870 Sitges, España.


Tel: +34 93 894 8375

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If you are looking for an affordable hotel with a pool, both Hotel Garraf and Hotel Montserrat have pools that are available for the use of customers.

Tip It is worth remembering that Sitges is a small town, so you are never far from the beach. Location is always important, but you may find that the hotels slightly further from the beachfront offer more space or better amenities, whilst still only sitting a ten-minute walk from the beach.

Sitges' two star hotels are definitely worth researching before presuming that the three or four-star hotels are going to have more to offer. Remember, sometimes, less is more.

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