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One Star Hotels in Sitges, Spain

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Sitges offers an impressive selection of one star hotels, that won't break the bank.

This page provides information on the one star hotels in Sitges - names of the hotels, addresses, websites, prices and telephone numbers. The prices offered are more of a ball park figure, so for exact rates it is worth contacting the hotel directly.

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Tip Prices for hotels in Sitges vary a depending on the season. You will find the room prices often double during the months of July and August, so it's worth checking the room prices for other months of the year.

Hotel Alexandra 1*

Carrer Termes, 20
08870 Sitges, España.


Tel: +34 93 894 1558


Car parking

Car Park Car Parking Near To Hotel Alexandra

Hotel El Cid 1*

El Cid
Carrer Sant Josep, 39
08870 Sitges, España.


Tel: +34 93 894 1842


Car parking

Car Park Car Parking Near To Hotel El Cid

Hotel La Renaixença 1*

La Reinaxenca
Carrer I'llla de Cuba, 11
08870 Sitges, España.


Tel: +34 93 894 8009


Car parking

Car Park Car Parking Near To Hotel Medium Renaxença

Hotel Ibiza 1*

Carrer Sant Bartomeu, 11
08870 Sitges, España.


Tel: +34 93 677 8047

Car parking

Car Park Car Parking Near To Hotel Ibiza

Sitges is an affluent beach town - a drive through the residential areas will reveal a world of mansions behind tall gates and large shiny cars. However, that does not rule it out as an option for a budget holiday. Located a twenty minute drive from Barcelona airport, it is not expensive to reach. Alongside sophisticated restaurants there are also affordable pizza joints and tapas bars. There is also a large market offering picnic options. A day on the beach does not need to cost more than the price of some sun cream and a sandy sandwich. So, all that's left to worry about is affordable accommodation.

If some of these prices are still higher than what you are looking for, it is worth checking online for the prices of pensiones - more like a guest house than a hotel. Also, if you are heading to Sitges in a large group, apartment rental can often prove to be an affordable option.

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