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A View of Sitges
A View of Sitges
Sitges is the sort of town that has something to offer everybody. It appeals to young and old, couples and singles, families and groups of friends. It is often considered to be a popular destination for the gay traveller. However, it is a beautiful beach town with things to do for people wanting all sorts of different things from their holiday.

Sitges' most popular daytime offering is its beach. With a total of seventeen beaches along its shoreline you are likely to find the beach for you. At night there are areas of town that are lively, with lots of gay bars and clubs, as well as quieter areas to go for dinner or a late night cocktail. To learn more about the various districts of Sitges and what they have to offer it is worth checking our Guide to the Districts of Sitges.

In this page I have covered various areas of tourism that will appeal to different people coming to Sitges, with links to further articles providing more detailed information. This page includes information on beaches, shops, art galleries, festivals, sports and attractions in Sitges.

Beaches in Sitges

Beaches in Sitges
Beaches in Sitges

The beaches in Sitges are lively and clean. They are sandy beaches with clean Mediterranean water. They are well serviced, with walkways to the water front, chiringuitos (beach huts that are like small bar-restaurants) selling food and drinks and pedalo hire. Behind the beaches there is a picturesque promenade, followed by rows of restaurants, bars and ice-cream parlours.

In general, the beaches are both family and gay-friendly. However, there are certain beaches that are considered to be more family-orientated, nudist or gay. For more information on the various beaches that Sitges has to offer, see our page on Sitges beaches.

For more information on the Sitges beach in general and the services that are on offer, see our Sitges beach services page.

Shops in Sitges

Sitges is known to be an affluent area as well as a tourist hot spot. Its narrow winding streets are filled with shops selling clothes, gifts, and food. Certain areas, such as the long street Calle Sant Francesc, that runs through the heart of the old town, are particularly tempting for the shopping enthusiast.

For more information on the shops available in Sitges, see our page on Shopping in Sitges.

If you are in search of places to do food shopping in Sitges, these are also easy to find. For details of Sitges's food market see our Sitges Market page and for information on the other various food shops available in Sitges see our Food Shops in Sitges centre page.

Art Galleries in Sitges

Since long before the Spanish Civil War Sitges has had a reputation for being popular with a creative crowd. It was popular amongst the likes of Dalí, Picasso and Rusiñol and it remains a popular home and holiday destination for artists. This is reflected in the shops in Sitges, many of which are art galleries. Practically every street that you walk down in Sitges will be home to a small art gallery. Each space offers something different, whether you wish to simply look or you've got money in your pocket to buy.

For details on the art galleries in Sitges, see our Guide to Sitges Art Galleries.

Festivals in Sitges

As with most Spanish towns, festivals make up an important part of Sitges' culture. The town hosts a varied array of festivals. Throughout the year festivals include a tango festival, a festival of cinema and a vintage car festival.

Without a doubt the most legendary of Sitges' festivals is Mardi Gras in February. During this time, for a whole week the streets become filled with carnival processions and people in fancy dress. It is one of the most exciting times to be in the town.

For more information on the festivals in offer throughout the year in Sitges, see our Guide to Festivals in Sitges.

Sports in Sitges

Bike Rental in Sitges
Bike Rental in Sitges

Sitges is a relatively small town. Therefore many sports facilities lie just outside of the town itself. However, in Sitges and its surrounding area there is a wide range of sporting activities available. Some of the most popular of these are bike rental, golfing and tennis clubs.

For more information on renting bikes in Sitges, see our page on Bike Rental.

For more information on golf clubs in the Sitges area, see Sitges Golf Clubs.

For more information on tennis clubs in the Sitges area, see our page on Tennis in Sitges.

Attractions in Sitges

Sitges is largely a beach destination, however it does have a handful of other attractions on offer. These include three museums dedicated to art and old artefacts, a cinema, an old cemetery and a beautiful whitewashed church. For attractions that will appeal to children and families, you may need to look outside of the town to neighbouring areas for theme parks and water parks etc. However, families may find that the beach itself is enough entertainment during a holiday in the sun.

For more information on the attractions that Sitges has to offer, see our Sitges attractions.

On walking through the streets of Sitges it is clear that it has something to offer to everyone - families clutching lilos ramble along beside old couples taking a stroll and enjoying an ice cream and young gay couples enjoying the freedom of their surroundings. As long as you don't have an aversion to the beach, Sitges is likely to appeal to you on some level - whether it be for a day in the sun, a cycle through the surrounding areas or a night out on the town.

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