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Gay Sitges Guide: Popular Gay And Lesbian Venues And Activities.

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Sitges is a popular destination for the gay traveller. It is often said that Sitges is one of the gay capitals of Europe. By day there is an open and friendly atmosphere, with gay couples at ease to be intimate and affectionate, and at night there is a large scene of gay clubs and bars.

One of the highlights of Sitges' calender year is carnival in February. This Mardi Gras event sees drag queens, bears and cubs and exhibitionists from all over Spain head to the town. The event is enjoyed by young and old, gay and straight, but it's definitely an opportunity to be yourself and strut your stuff.

This page will provide links to detailed pages on Gay clubs, bars and hotels. These pages will offer opening times, locations and contact details for the places reffered to. It is an overall guide to gay Sitges.

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Gay bars

If it is your first time in Sitges and you want to find your bearings, the best thing to do is head straight for Parrots Bar on the famous 'Street of Sin'. This bar is often considered to be at the centre of the gay activity in Sitges. The bar stocks the free 'Gay Life Sitges' map: a free map that will show you the gay spots in town.

For more information, see our Guide to Sitges Bars.

Gay clubs

Most clubs in Sitges could be described as gay. Some are more gay orientated than others, offering foam parties, dark rooms and men only venues. Legendary gay nights include the beach party at L'Atlantida and the foam party at Trailer.

For more information on the gay clubs in town, see our Guide to Sitges Club.

Sitges carnival

Sitges carnival is the event of the year that brings gays from all over the world to town. For the full lowdown on what happens see our Sitges Carnival page.

Sitges is suited to all types of traveller whether you are single or taken, young or old, looking to relax or looking to party all night. Make sure you do some research before you head to town and you'll find that there's plenty to see and do.

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