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Sitges Festivals: Annual Cinema, Carnival, Culture, Music and Dance Events for 2023

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Sitges is a busy town. It is constantly hosting major festivals throughout the year. Sitges' Film Festival sees it become a major player on the world film stage. Carnival brings thousands of revellers to Sitges each year. With fine weather, beautiful buildings and a beach, it is the perfect setting for events such as these.

This page details the expected dates, programmes and contact details for each of the festivals, with descriptions and links where necessary.

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Sitges Carnival

16 February - 22 February

Carnival is arguably the most famous of Sitges' events. It takes place every year in celebration of Mardi Gras - the beginning of Lent. For a week the streets of Sitges are transformed into one long party, with costumes, floats and lots of colour. I have devoted a whole page to Carnival itself - for more details see my page on Sitges Carnival.

We recommend to check the Sitges tourist information's guide to the event for what's on, ticket prices and locations.

If you are more interested in a general overview of the Sitges public holidays and events, see our Sitges holidays page. This covers events including Sitges Carnival and the Fiesta Mayor.

If you are interested in Sitges' events that cater for aficionados and specific themes, such as the patchwork, swing, tango and vintage car events, see our Sitges events page.

Sitges is a small town that draws a huge crowd for some of its internationally renowned events. As events such as the Film Festival and Carnival are very popular it is imperative to plan in advance if you want to come. Prices for accommodation will be high during these periods, so bear this in mind when booking tickets.

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