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Sitges Events and Festivals 2023: Annual International Events

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Sitges is the sort of place that is perfect for events and fiestas - there is sunshine practically all year round, making it a beautiful location as a festival backdrop and providing a bohemian atmosphere. Sitges plays host to a whole range of events throughout its calendar year. Many of Sitges' events focus on particular fields in which someone may possess a particular interest or expertise. These include dance, cars and patchwork quilting.

If you are more interested in a general overview of the Sitges public holidays and events, see our Sitges holidays. This covers events including Sitges Carnival and the Fiesta Mayor.

If you are interested in Sitges' large cultural festivals, such as the Cinema Festival and the Festival of Music and Dance, see our Sitges festivals page.

This page details the expected dates, programmes and contact details for each of the events, with descriptions and links where necessary.

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Vintage Car Rally 

11 March - 12 March

Since 1959 Sitges has played host to this event on an annual basis. The cars that are entered date from between 1900 and 1924. Vintage cars join a rally from Barcelona to Sitges. Competitions are held for the fastest cars. But also, in true Sitges style, for the most beautiful cars and the best-dressed drivers.

Patchwork Fair 

23 March - 26 March

Each year during the month of March, Sitges is invaded by hordes of patchwork enthusiasts. The town plays host to a conference allowing aficionados to meet fellow aficionados who can swap tips and show off their proudest works. Some of the world's best examples of patchwork are on show at the festival that takes place in various venues and tents across town.

It is worth keeping an eye on Sitges tourist information's festivities calendar for tips on what to expect.

Sitges is a town for lovers of the sun and the beach. However, it can offer so much more. If you have a particular hobby or interest, or perhaps you are simply interested in finding one, some of Sitges' events may be just what you are looking for.

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