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Sitges Nightclubs: Popular Dance Venues, Discos and Nightlife

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Sitges is renowned for its nightlife. For a relatively small town, it has its fair share of bars and clubs. If you stroll into some areas of town in the evening, you could be mistaken for thinking that you were in San Antonio, Ibiza. A large percentage of the bars are targeted towards Sitges' large gay crowd, with some more extreme than others. There are the occasional clubs where females are not allowed to enter.

If you prefer a more intimate environment on a night out, then maybe the bars are more what you're looking for. For a guide to the bars of Sitges see our Bars in Sitges page.

This page provides an overview to the nightclubs in Sitges, plus a guide to some of Sitges' most well-known and popular venues. If you are looking for door prices or line-ups it is best to contact the clubs themselves, as this information changes on a regular basis.

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An Overview to the Clubs in Sitges

A Night Out in Sitges
A Night Out in Sitges

Sitges has certain areas of town where you can head to find whole clusters of bars and nightclubs. Most people heading to Sitges for a night out will have heard of the infamous 'Street of Sin' (Carrer del Pecat') - actually Carrer 1er de Maig. It is called this due to the fact that it is lined with places to drink, dance and practice your chat-up lines. It is the home of smaller clubs such as Titos and Pacha's official bar, Pachito.

It is also worth checking the smaller side streets that come off from the Street of Sin. These are also packed with small clubs and bars.

Another popular street for bars and clubs is Carrer Santa Bonaventura. This street is the home to some of the smaller and, at times more strictly gay clubs, including Man.

Tip If you are struggling to know where to begin on a night out, a traditional starting point is Parrots Bar at Plaza Industria, 2 - the top of Carrer 1er de Maig. This gay bar stocks a map that details the nightlife in Sitges. For more details, see our Where to Find Maps in Sitges.

Sitges has a lot to offer by way of nightlife. It is good to do some research prior to your trip to find the clubs that are most likely to interest you.

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