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Sitges Bars: Nightlife, Parties and Drinking Places in Sitges Centre

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A Night Out in Sitges - Parrots Bar
A Night Out in Sitges - Parrots Bar
Sitges is a small town that is jam-packed with bars. It offers a crazy night out seven days a week. The majority of nightlife on offer in Sitges is focused on the gay community, however, if you're looking for somewhere that welcomes all kinds, you will still have plenty of options.

As is the norm in Spain, the majority of bars stay open until around 02:00. If there is a bar in particular that you wish to go to, it is worth checking their exact opening times by contacting them directly. Establishments can often be a law unto themselves as to when they choose to open.

If bars simply won't be enough to quench your thirst for a party, then there's plenty of club options in Sitges too. Check our Sitges nightclubs page for more information.

This page will provide a link to a photo gallery of Sitges bar areas. It will also detail some of Sitges' most well-known and popular bars, plus a guide to the areas in Sitges where the majority of bars can be found.

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Photos of Sitges bar area

To get a better insight into the world of Sitges' bars, check our Photo Gallery.

The Bar Areas of Sitges

Plaça del Cap de la Vila

The whole of Sitges' city centre is packed with bars offering cocktails, tapas and beers. Many of the main streets are dotted with bars with outdoor seating areas for watching the world go by. If you are in Sitges' main square - Plaza del Cap de la Vila, all of the streets that adjoin it are full of places to enjoy a drink. In general, these bars are less likely to be specifically gay and welcome crowds of all ages and all sexualities.

Carrer 1er de Maig and Plaza Industrial

If you are looking for bars that are more specifically gay, it is worth heading to this part of town. Calle 1er de Maig is fondly known by locals as the "Street of Sin". The street is one long drinking hole. It is home to bars including Pacha's official pre-club hang out, Pachitos and Parrots Bar (see below). During the day it is lined with people sitting outside the bars and watching the world go by. At night it is Sitges' noisiest street - full of music, revellers and the odd drag queen.

Carrer Sant Bonaventura

This is another street that is popular with the gay crowd. Dark doors and an eerie quiet hide a whole world of gay bars covering everything from show tunes to dark rooms. This is a street that you are less likely to wish to venture to if you are not gay. Some of the bars don't allow in females and you will only see the odd girl holding her own in a sea of men.

Some of Sitges' Best Loved Bars

Parrots Pub

Parrots is a Sitges institution for the gay crowd. It is often seen as a place to start the night and make plans depending on what parties are happening. Two bars sit opposite each other with distinctive brightly coloured canopies in large terrace areas. It is the place to go to pick up a map of gay Sitges and find out what options are available.

Parrots Pub
Placa Industria, 2
08870 Sitges, España

Piano Bar

Piano bar is a favourite amongst Sitges regulars. It is a small bar with a black door. It tends to always be packed. Some evenings live cabaret shows are on offer. Even on normal nights, some records are turned up loud to a popular show tune, prompting an impromptu sing along. Camp style is a must here!

El Piano
Carrer Sant Bonaventura, 1
08870 Sitges, España.

Mont Roig Café

This bar sits just up the road from Parrots, but is far more family orientated. It offers both a terrace for people watching and a garden seating area at the back of the building. It is a light and airy space that offers bar food such as sandwiches and salads, as well as alcoholic drinks.

Mont Roig Cafe
Marquis de Mont Roig, 11 - 13
08870 Sitges, España


Mediterraneo bar is something between a bar and a club. It is located within an old 1690s house and has two floors. It is popular amongst the gay crowd and is generally always packed in the summer months. Often cited as Sitges' coolest gay bar.

Tip If you are interested in Sitges' tapas bars, these can be found dotted all over town. They may be a good choice if you are not particularly interested in hitting the gay bars. See our Guide to tapas bars in Sitges.

Sitges has many places to go for a drink in both the day and the night. Whether you are gay or straight, young or old, you should find somewhere that is to your taste for a night on the tiles.

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