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Sitges Marina: Nautical Boat and Yacht Port Area

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Sitges Marina
Sitges Marina
Sitges' Marina area is located slightly outside of its centre, in an area called Port d'Aiguadolç. It is a location dedicated to yachts, boats and all of the glamour that comes with them. The marina's seafront is lined with bars and restaurants, all of which have an outdoor terrace to enjoy Sitges' fine weather and look at the boats.

This page provides a link to a photo gallery detailing the sights of Sitges' marina, plus details of the bars, restaurants, clubs and shops that are available at the marina.

Private Transfers to / from Sitges

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Photos of Sitges Marina

To gain a greater idea of what Port d'Aiguadolc has to offer, take a look at our Photo Gallery Sitges Marina detailing what's there.

Bars and restaurants at the marina

The seafront at Sitges Marina is lined with bars and restaurants with outdoor terrace areas as well as indoor seating. They are open all year round and are frequented by both boat owners and general visitors. Restaurants include Usaka sushi bar, Les Ostres classic cuisine and La Pizzeria del Puerto for pizzas.

For details of the exact restaurants on offer, see our Sitges Restaurants guide and look for the restaurants with an address at Port d'Aiguadolç.


The Pacha club is at Sitges Marina. This club which is now legendary and has chains all over the world, was first opened in Sitges over forty years ago. It is now called 'Pacha Sweet' and opens its doors every night to its many fans. For more information and the address of Pacha Sweet, see our Sitges Nightclubs page.


As you enter the marina area of Port d'Aiguadolç, you will notice a whole range of specialist shops. In general, these are linked to boating and cover everything from boating shows to package trips for people who want to learn to sail.

During a trip to Sitges, it is worth a visit to the marina, whether you own a boat or not. It is in a picturesque setting and is located next to one of Sitges' less crowded beaches - Aiguadolç. It is an interesting place to visit for boat lovers, who can stroll around, choosing which super-yacht to buy when they win the lottery. And even if you have no interest in boats, there are enough bars, restaurants and clubs to keep you occupied.

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