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A Beach in Sitges
A Beach in Sitges

Sitges is, first and foremost, a beach town. People flock from all over Catalunya to enjoy its long stretch of clean, sandy beaches. The town is the proud owner of a total of seventeen beaches - many with their own character and individual appeal. One of the highlights of Sitges is its picturesque promenade that runs right down the beach front and is lined with palm trees. Behind this there is a further row of restaurants and bars that offer seafood and are popular amongst those wishing to watch the world go by.

In general, each beach has a wooden walkway down its centre, which can be useful in the summer months when the sand gets surprisingly hot. By mid-June/July the beach is also busy. If you are visting Sitges with a group it may be a good idea to get down to the beach reasonably early to stake your claim on a patch of sand. Large families gather on the beach with their parasols, blankets and large cool boxes full of elaborately prepared and abundant picnic food.

This page will provide an overview on what you can expect from a Sitges Beach. Sun lounger rental, water sports, refreshments on the beach: For a more detailed guide to the individual beaches in Sitges, see our Guide the different Sitges Beaches.

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The Promenade in Sitges
The Promenade in Sitges

The Promenade

Sitges main Beach has a promenade running right along its front. This allows you to take a stroll and watch the waves and the sunbathers stretched out all along the water's edge.

The promenade is dotted with bars and restaurants - generally about one place per beach. These establishments generally offer seafood tapas and drinks rather than full meals. They are strict about letting people in to use the toilet if you are not a paying customer.

Toilets Facilities

Most of the beaches will have a building at the back, on the promenade, with a toilet. These will be manned by somebody who will provide toilet paper and look after the toilets. There will be a charge for using the toilet. If you don't wish to pay to use the toilet you may need to head slightly further into the town - however, remember that most establishments are used to people coming in to use their toilet so you may be asked to make a purchase in the establishment before being allowed to use their toilet.


All of the beaches in Sitges have outdoor showers. These will either be at the back of the beach or on a wall between the beaches. In general, use of soaps and shampoos is not allowed at these showers - they are simply for washing off the salt and sand from the beach. They are also rather cold. Perfect for cooling off when it gets really hot.

Sun Loungers

Loungers on the Beach in Sitges
Loungers on the Beach in Sitges

Each beach generally has its own individual company hiring out sun loungers. These normally sit towards the back of the beach and come with a parasol. The beach is sandy rather than rocky, so you may be happy to simply set your towel down on the beach. However, if you want the added comfort of a lounger with some shade, these can be hired for various periods. Prices for the loungers vary, so it is best to ask the individual sellers. However, the loungers can normally be rented for periods of an hour, a half-day or a day.

Water Sports

In general, there are not much water sports available on the beaches in Sitges - these are more likely to be found in nearby Vilanova town. However, each beach generally has pedalos for hire. These can normally be rented for a minimum period of one hour.

Tip You do not need to worry about what you will do with your possessions whilst you are in the pedalo. The pedalo man will offer to take care of your bags and possessions whilst you are in the water.

Eating and drinking at the beach

Many of the Sitges beaches have what is known as a 'chiringuito'. This is a small booth-style bar where drinks, sandwiches and ice creams are normally available.

Alternatively, if you are feeling extra lazy, in the summer months men walk up and down the beach selling cold drinks (and they always are impressively cold) and sometimes crisps, sandwiches or doughnuts. These generally cost more than they would if you were to buy them in a supermarket, but this is the price to pay for getting to stay relaxed on the beach.

Detailed information on each of the different beaches in Sitges

There are a total of seventeen beaches in Sitges. Many of these could be considered to be general beaches, suited to all tastes. However, there are some that offer something more specific. There is a family beach, a nudist beach, and a gay beach. For more information on this see our Guide to the different Sitges Beaches.

Sitges has some of the beautiful beaches along the Catalunyan coast. They are likely to appeal more to those who enjoy a lively beach with lots of atmosphere. If you are looking for secluded coves, you may need to hunt further up or down the coast from Barcelona. Whether you plan on making a day trip to the beach from Barcelona or spending a whole week in Sitges soaking up the rays, you are likely to enjoy the clean sands and clear water in Sitges.

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