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Reus Airport To Sitges Transfer Your Options

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Reus Airport is a similar distance from Sitges as Girona airport, in the other direction. It is further from Sitges than Barcelona Airport, but still presents itself as a viable option for somewhere to fly into for a holiday in Sitges.

This page covers the various transfer options from Reus Airport to Sitges - by train, coach, bus and taxi. For transfers to Girona, see Transfers to Sitges from Girona Airport and for transfers from Barcelona Airport see our Transfers to Sitges from Barcelona Airport page.

Private Transfers to / from Sitges

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Transfer from Reus Airport to Sitges

Reus Airport lies approximately 50 km south of Sitges. As with Girona airport, there are no direct trains or coaches from the airport to Sitges. As Sitges lies south of Barcelona, and so does Reus, you should not have to go to Barcelona to get to Sitges. However, under some circumstances (see below) it will be necessary to do this.

Transfer by Train

There are no direct trains from Reus airport to Sitges, as there is no train station at Reus airport. Therefore, to get a train to Sitges, it will firstly be necessary to get a bus or taxi to Reus train station.

In order to check what train to get you will need to use a special Renfe website known as RENFE Media Distancia. This is a website dealing with not long, not short, but medium-distance train journeys! Once on the site, you should click "Maps and routes" in the left side, then in the next window click Catalonia. In the next window click the Catalonia Area Map pdf at the bottom of the page. You will not be given the option to search for Reus to Sitges. However, select Reus to St. Vincenç de Calders, and you will be shown the options that are available to you for travelling to Sitges.

Unfortunately, once you are at Reus train station there are few trains that run from Reus directly to Sitges. The trains that offer a direct route from Reus train station to Sitges are called 'Regional' on the Renfe website. There are generally about three of these trains that run each day. The train journey lasts approximately one hour.

'Regional' Train from Reus to Sitges
Single ticket: €6.15

If you are not lucky enough to catch a flight that will allow you to coincide with a direct train, it will be necessary to get the 'Regional Express' or 'Catalunya Express' to St. Vincenç de Calders. These trains run either once or twice every hour. They take around 35 minutes to get to St. Vincenç de Calders. Once you are at St. Vincenç de Calders there are at least five trains every hour and the journey to Sitges lasts 25 minutes.

'Regional Express' or 'Catalunya Express' Ticket Prices
Single ticket: €4.65

Tip It is important to note that trains to Sitges from both Reus and St. Vincenç de Calders stop running around the following time. Therefore, if your flight arrives later than this it will be necessary to take either the train or the coach to Barcelona and get a train or a bus from there (see above for more details).
End of service: 21:19

Transfer by Coach

There are no direct coaches from Reus Airport to Sitges. Therefore, in order to get a coach from Reus Airport, it is necessary to go to Barcelona. From Barcelona, you can catch the train or the bus to Sitges.

Coaches from Reus Airport to Barcelona run approximately once every hour and always coincide with Ryan Air flights. They are run by a company called Hispano Igualadina. The journey lasts approximately 90 minutes. The coaches arrive into Sants station in Barcelona. For exact timetables and ticket prices it is best to check the Official Hispano Igualadina Website.

Hispano Igualadina Coaches from Reus Airport to Barcelona
Single ticket: €17.20

Fortunately, the coach station in Sants is directly next to the train station. Trains run from Sants train station to Sitges on a regular basis. See above, under 'Transfer to Sitges from Barcelona Airport by Train' for more details.

Transfer by Bus

There are no direct buses from Reus Airport to Sitges. In order to catch a bus to Sitges it is necessary to first go to Barcelona on train or coach (see above). From Barcelona there are buses that run to Sitges. See above, under 'Transfer to Sitges from Girona Airport by Bus' for details on buses from Barcelona to Sitges.

Transfer by Taxi

Reus Airport is approximately 50 km from Sitges. A taxi is likely to take about one hour.

Taxi fare: €135.00

Reus Airport often proves to be a popular destination for those in search of low cost flights. It is not as well serviced as Barcelona Airport, so if you do not plan carefully you may find yourself losing the money that you saved on getting a cheap flight trying to find your way out of Reus airport and to Sitges.

Before you take the trip, spend some time researching your options for transfer from the airport and decide on the one that is best suited to you. If you get everything organized in advance it will be far less stressful than when you arrive in a hot, Spanish speaking country.

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