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Nearest Airport to Sitges - Barcelona Airport

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The Train Station at Barcelona Airport
The train station at Barcelona Airport
Sitges is a popular tourist destination, but it does not have its own airport. This means that if you wish to go on holiday to Sitges you need to fly to one of the nearby airports. There are three airports within the vicinity of Sitges - Barcelona Airport, Girona Airport and Reus Airport. Of the three, Barcelona Airport is by far the most convenient and well serviced by offering you direct transport links to Sitges.

This page will provide a general overview to Barcelona Airport - how to travel to Sitges from Barcelona airport, how to obtain flight information for Barcelona Airport, services available at Barcelona Airport including parking, disabled facilities, shops, restaurants, left luggage, lost property and bureau de change.

Private Transfers to / from Sitges

More Information Private Transfer from Barcelona Airport to / from Sitges

How to Travel to Sitges from Barcelona Airport

Barcelona Airport sits approximately 20km north of Sitges. It can be easily reached by taxi, hire car or an hourly coach (once every two hours at weekends). Unfortunately, there is currently no direct train service that runs from Barcelona Airport to Sitges. Therefore, to catch the train it is necessary to firstly head into Barcelona and then back out to Sitges.

Barcelona Airport Transport Options

I have put together a page on the transport options from Barcelona Airport to Sitges - check our Guide to Transfers to Sitges from Barcelona Airports. It covers transfer by train, coach, bus and taxi. Note that the page also provides transfer options to Sitges from Girona Airport and Reus Airport. Girona Airport is about 60 km from Sitges and Reus Airport is approximately 50 km from Sitges.

Tip If you choose to take the coach to Sitges from Barcelona Airport you will be travelling on the Bus Garraf service. It is possible to use the T10 travel card (Zone 1 to 3 version) on the Bus Garraf. This is useful if you plan on making multiple journeys between Sitges and Barcelona and could work out cheaper than buying individual tickets.
Bus Garraf Ticket Prices
Single ticket: €17.45

Flight Information

Barcelona Airport has two main terminals. The airport services flights to and from 168 destinations.

For information on how to find out about which airlines fly into Barcelona airport, flight statuses and terminals at Barcelona Airport, check our Information on Barcelona Airport Flights - Terminals, Airlines and Flight Statuses.

Services and Amenities

Barcelona airport is a large airport providing a large number of services and amenities for passengers - these are detailed below.

Airport Car Parking

Barcelona Airport has car parks at both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 along with a long stay car park which is situated between the two terminals. For details on prices, locations and payment methods for parking at Barcelona Airport, check our Guide to Barcelona Airport Parking.

Services for Disabled Travellers

Barcelona Airport prides itself on offering a first rate service to disabled travellers. It follows EU Legislation and provides assistance from the moment that you enter the airport until you are seated on the plane. Areas known as 'Meeting Points' are dotted throughout the airport providing assistance to disabled travellers. For details as to your rights as a disabled traveller and the services offered by Barcelona Airport, see the following links:

Disabled Facilities at Barcelona Airport (T1)

Disabled Facilities at Barcelona Airport (T2)

Shops at Airport

There are a large number of shops at Barcelona Airport. They are in both terminals, in the arrivals and departures lounges and cover everything from souvenirs to electrical items.

For a comprehensive guide to the shops currently available at the airport see the following links:

Barcelona Airport Shops (T1)

Barcelona Airport Shops (T2)

Barcelona Airport Cafes, Bars and Restaurants

Barcelona Airport has a wide range of cafes, restaurants and bars, ranging from fast food to luxurious dinner. For a list of the establishments that are available please follow the links below:

Restaurants at Terminal 1

Restaurants at Terminal 2

Lost Property Services

If you think that you may have lost something at Barcelona Airport, due to security measures, it is not a particularly simple procedure to make enquiries as to whether it has been found. The lost property office in T2 is located in a different building to Barcelona Airport itself and the office should be contacted in advance of going to the airport.

The lost property office in T1 is located in the airport building itself, making it easier to make enquiries.

For a detailed guide to what to do if you think that you might have lost something at Barcelona Airport, check the following pages:

Lost property at Barcelona Airport T1

Lost property at Barcelona Airport T2

Left Luggage

Left Luggage at Barcelona Airport
Left Luggage at Barcelona Airport

Barcelona Airport's left luggage department for T2 has a whole building all to itself in front of the airport.

Left luggage at T1 is in the airport building itself.

For information on the opening times, luggage size allowance, prices and how to use the machines at luggage storage at Barcelona Airport, check the following pages:

Luggage Storage at Barcelona Airport T1

Luggage Storage at Barcelona Airport T2

Bureau de Change

The bureau de change at Barcelona Airport is located within a La Caixa bank. They also deal with tax-free refunds for those who have made purchases and live outside of the EU. For information on the opening hours of the bureau de change, where it is located, the tax refund system and how the tax-free refund works, check the following pages:

Bureau de Change at Barcelona Airport T1

Bureau de Change at Barcelona Airport T2

There is no airport in Sitges itself, but Barcelona Airport could probably be said to be the main airport for Sitges. Having said that, do not worry if you have already booked tickets to Girona or Reus Airports. Sitges can be reached from both airports within hopefully no more than 3 - 4 hours. Barcelona airport is probably the most convenient airport to arrive at when visiting Sitges. With impressive amenities and palm trees out front soon as you arrive you will know that your holidays have begun.

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