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Airport Transfers To Sitges: Transport from Barcelona, Girona and Reus Airports

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There are three airports in Catalunya region that could be considered viable flight destinations for a holiday in Sitges. These airports are situated in Barcelona, Girona and Reus. Barcelona Airport is the largest and the closest to Sitges. However, there are also Girona and Reus airports - both are often popular for flights with low-cost airlines. Of the three airports, Barcelona Airport is the closest to Sitges and Girona is the furthest away.

Once you have arrived at the airport it will be necessary to make your way to Sitges by whatever means of transport you decide on. Depending on the airport, some transport methods can be more convenient than others.

This page provides links to three pages covering transport options to Sitges by train, coach, bus and taxi from Barcelona, Girona and Reus Airports. If you already know where you are flying into, simply click on the airport that is relevant to your flight and check your transport options. If you are yet to book a flight, it may be worth taking a detailed look at the transport options from the various airports - this may help in influencing your decision on what airport to fly into.

Barcelona Airport, see our Guide to Transfers to Sitges from Barcelona Airport.

Girona Airport, see our Guide to Transfers to Sitges from Girona Airport.

Reus Airport, see our Guide to Transfers to Sitges from Reus Airport.

As is clear from the information provided on the various pages, it is far easier to get to Sitges from Barcelona Airport than from Girona or Reus airports. Therefore, it is worth taking this into consideration when choosing where to fly to for a trip to Sitges. Your decisions may depend on how many people are travelling, as a large group can often benefit from a taxi or car hire.

If you are travelling alone or with one other person you are far more likely to rely on public transport. If you decide to use public transport, it is worth planning your journey as much as you can before you come. This will prove a lot less stressful than trying to find timetables and ticket prices in the Spanish heat with luggage in tow.

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