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3 Popular Golf Courses in Sitges

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Sitges provides a picturesque setting for a game of golf. It is located on the coast and enjoys warm Mediterranean weather. Sitges has two main golf clubs, both slightly outside of the town centre. The closest is the Terramar golf club, located 25 minutes walk from the town centre. If you are looking for a fun family activity, there is also mini-golf in the city centre.

This page provides details of the two golf clubs in Sitges, plus the mini golf. You will find their names, addresses, telephone numbers and websites. There are also maps for the location of each golf club.

For prices at the golf clubs it is best to check the websites of the clubs directly - prices are subject to change throughout the year.

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Club de Golf Terramar - 1 km from Sitges City centre

This is the closest golf club to Sitges. It offers a driving range, a putting green and a chipping green, as well as a full eighteen hole golf course. There are also tennis courts and a swimming pool at the club. There is a restaurant and bar located next to the golf course.

Golf Terramar
Carretera del golf
08870 Sitges, España

Tel: +34 93 894 0580

Fax: +34 93 894 7051


CTC Golf Club - 17 km from the centre

This club must be reached by car as it is based in Castelldefels, a 15 minute car journey from Sitges. It is a whole fitness centre that also offers a golf course. There is also a 'golf academy' at the club, offering golfing lessons.

The golf club is located off exit C-32 on the Autopista de Garaff.

Carrer Doctor Barraquer, 32
08860 Castelldefels, España.

Tel: +34 93 665 1285

Fax: +34 93 636 2017

Petit Golf Vinyet - Mini Golf

The mini golf is located within walking distance of the beach. For prices and opening times it is best to call directly as this is subject to change throughout the year.

Petit Golf Vinyet
Passeig de Vilanova, 138
08870 Sitges, España.

Tel: +34 66 487 3791

Sitges is an affluent area and golf is a popular sport amongst its locals. Terramar offers an entertaining place to spend the day with all the family - with a restaurant, tennis courts and swimming pool, there will be something there for everybody. If you are no golf pro, but are looking for an entertaining way to spend an afternoon, mini golf may prove to be the perfect solution. Remember that during the summer months Sitges can get hot - if you are not used to playing golf under a hot sun, bear this in mind before booking a full eighteen holes on the golf course.

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