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Sitges Camping - Guide to the Campsites

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If you wish to take a trip to Sitges, but don't have the money to pay to stay in a hotel or an apartment, you still have the option of putting a tent in your rucksack and going camping. There are two Sitges campsites that sit adjacent to each other on the edge of town. They both offer affordable accommodation in pleasant surroundings.

This page provides details of both campsites - facilities, prices, opening times, addresses and how to get there.

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Camping Garrofer Campsite

Camping Garrofer is a campsite 80,000 square metres in size. It offers a large pool, a restaurant, a bar, a children's playground, laundry, Wi-Fi, a supermarket, a gym, an infirmary, car wash, and a games room. It also offers bungalows for two, four and five people.

It is child-friendly, with the option of activities including football, swimming and cycling.

Camping Garrofer
Camping Garrofer

It is perhaps slightly less well kept than Camping Sitges, but it is still very clean. This may well be due to its popularity amongst families with children - giving the campsite an energetic, if slightly chaotic feel.

The pool at Camping Garrofer
The pool at Camping Garrofer

The campsite is open practically all year, compared to Camping Sitges, which closes for the winter months (see below). Prices are spilt into low, medium and high season and are generally slightly more expensive than Camping Sitges. Prices vary from year to year, so it is best to check the website (see below) for prices.

Camping Garrofer
Carretera C - 246a, Km 39
08870 Sitges, España.

Tel: +34 93 894 1780

Opening Times: 
24 February - 10 December

Website: Camping Garrofer website

Camping Sitges

Camping Sitges
Camping Sitges

Camping Sitges sits just before Camping Garrofer on the road out of Sitges. It is a small campsite with an air of calm and quiet. It offers a free swimming pool (where there are strict rules regarding diving), a children's playground, a petanque area, a bar, a restaurant and a shop.

There are a handful of bungalows available offering space for four people. They include air conditioning and microwaves.

The pool at Camping Sitges
The pool at Camping Sitges

The campsite is open for less of the year than Camping Garrofer but is still open for eight months of the year. Prices are spilt into low, medium and high season and are generally slightly less expensive than Camping Garrofer. Prices vary from year to year, so it is best to check the website (see below) for prices.

Camping Sitges
Carretera C - 246a, Km 38
08870 Sitges, España.

Tel: +34 93 894 1080

Opening Times: 17 March 2023 - 15 October 2023

Website: Camping Sitges Website

How to Get to the Campsites

Both campsites are located approximately two kilometres outside Sitges city centre, just behind the residential area of Terramar and Vinyet. It is possible to walk into the centre of town, but there also two buses available.

Walking from the campsites to Sitges town centre

If you choose to walk to the town centre from the campsites your first hurdle will be crossing either a train line or a main road to head towards the sea front. Be careful in both of these situations, and perhaps consider taking the bus instead if you are with small children. Once you are in the residential area of Terramar you can walk all the way down Avenida de Salvador Casacuberta to the seafront. From here you can turn left and follow the promenade to the city centre.

The L2 bus to the campsites

Bus Stop for the L2
Bus Stop for the L2

The L2 is a local bus route that leaves from close to the main tourist information office in Sitges city centre - outside Restaurant Triana. It leaves twice an hour at quarter past and quarter to the hour. It winds its way through the residential area of Terramar and will drop you at Carrer de Ramon Dalmasses i Marques de Mura, opposite the Maria Osso building. Be sure to get off at this stop as the next stop after this will drop you a long way from the campsites and with a hair-raising walk across a main road. You will then need to walk 50 metres to Camping Sitges or 70 metres to Camping Garrofer.

The Bus Garraf to the campsites

Bus Garraf Services run between Sitges and Barcelona. The bus in and out of town goes via the campsites. It can drop you directly at the door of your campsite and in front of the tourist information office in town. Be sure to inform your driver that you want to be dropped at the campsite, as you may well be the only person alighting there. Buses leave once an hour.

For full bus times and prices see the Bus Garraf Official Website.

Sitges becomes an affordable option when you consider camping. Both campsites are of good standard and in close enough vicinity to each other to allow you to check both of them before deciding which you would prefer to stay in. Sitges' weather ensures that the camping trip could be pleasant practically all year round.

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