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Sitges Accommodation: Where to Stay On Your Holiday

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Sitges is a beautiful seaside town, therefore it is jam-packed with places to stay for short term visitors. However, it is also jam-packed with visitors who want to make the most of the Sitges accommodation. For this reason, especially during the summer months, it is worth planning ahead and finding an accommodation deal that best suits you and your needs.

You may be a family who needs to find an affordable place to stay with lots of room. Or perhaps you're a couple looking to splash out on somewhere luxurious and romantic. Whatever it is that you're looking for, you're likely to find it in Sitges.

This page provides details of price estimates, locations, likely availability and the pros and cons of various accommodation options in Sitges. You will also find links to pages where greater detail is provided for each accommodation option so that you can feel confident about making the right choice.

Private Transfers to / from Sitges

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There are a reasonably large amount of apartments available in Sitges city centre. Their standards can vary greatly and thus, their prices. Apartments are often an affordable and enjoyable option for large groups travelling together. They can be distinguished from villas as apartments tend to be flats in the centre of town, rather than houses (villas) in more remote locations.

For more information on the villas that are available in Sitges, see our Guide to Sitges Apartments.


Contrary to popular belief, Sitges does not really play host to many villas. This is due to the fact that it is a town, with little space for large buildings. It is easier to find apartments in the surrounding areas of Sitges, such as Urbanizacio La Llevantina, Vilafranca, Can Girona and Terramar. If you wish to take a villa-style holiday, it is best to turn to more rural locations to find inspiration.

Hotels and Guesthouses in Sitges

Sitges provides a wide variety of hotels, ranging from luxury five star Hotel Dolce to one stars that are really more like guesthouses. Perhaps due to the large amount of hotels in the area, standards are high, and prices are more economical than areas such as Barcelona. Before resigning yourself to a camping trip, it is worth checking the hotel prices. This is particularly the case during the low season when there are often good deals to be found on the internet.

Also, it is often worth checking out the one and two star hotels. Hotels such as El Xalet and Romantic offer a charm and standards that may even exceed a three or a four star in quality of general hotel facilities.

For reviews of some of Sitges' most popular hotels, plus full hotel listings, see our page on Sitges Hotels.


There are two good quality campsites located on the outskirts of Sitges. They both offer good facilities, including a pool, a bar and a restaurant. Prices here are standard for camping. Camping can often be a useful option when there's 'no room at the inn' elsewhere. Camping Garrofer, in particular, has space for a large amount of happy campers.

Campsite Fees per Person
Admission fee: €6.60
Tent fee: €9.10

For details of the opening times, location, prices and facilities at the campsites, see our page on Sitges Campsites.

Whatever type of accommodation you choose to avail of whilst in Sitges, it is worth shopping around before coming to a final decision. Due to the touristy nature of the area, there is lots of variety on offer. If you are coming during a busy period such as the summer, carnival in February or the film festival in October, book ahead with plenty of notice.

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