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Public Holidays in Sitges - Dates and Events

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People relaxing in Sitges
People relaxing in Sitges

As is the theme in Spain, Sitges is not short of festivals and public holidays. Throughout the year various saints days offer days off for the locals and traditional celebrations. The largest of these takes place on  20 August - 25 August  2014 for the Feast of Sant Bartomeu otherwise known as "Festa Major de Sitges".

Alongside the traditional fiestas, the town's status as a tourist destination ensures that it also offers a whole range of festivals throughout the year. These cover everything from vintage cars, to tango dance and patchwork quilts.

Arguably Sitges' biggest fiesta of the year is Carnival in March. Sitges' status as one of the gay capitals of Europe ensures that their Mardi Gras celebrations are the most lavish in the area. For more information on Sitges' carnival see our guide to Sitges carnival.

This page provides a list of all of the holidays that take place in Sitges throughout the year. For more detailed explanations and advice on Sitges' festivals, including the Cinema Festival, see our Festivals in Sitges - annual events and gatherings. And for further details regarding Sitges's events, such as the car rally and the clothes fair, see our events in Sitges.

Table showing the Sitges Holiday Events for  2014

Dates of Sitges Events  2014
01 January New Year's Day
05 January Feast of the Three Kings
12 January Marató de Sitges (half marathon)
29 March - 30 March Annual vintage car rally (for more information see our Events in Sitges.)
20 March - 23 March Annual patchwork festival (for more information see our Festivals in Sitges -annual events and gatherings.)
13 April - 21 April Easter week ('Semana Santa')
23 April Feast of Sant Jordi
24 April - 27 April Jazz Music Festival of Sitges
21 June - 29 June Corpus Christi Festival - flower carpet competition
05 August Feast of Our Lady of Vinyet
15 August Asumpcion - Assumption. This is a national holiday.
20 August - 25 August Sitges' 'Fiesta Major' The feast of Sant Bartomeu, the patron saint of Sitges. This is Sitges' largest fiesta for a saint. On 23 August - 24 August large fireworks displays take place and there are religious parades through the town. Approximately 200,000 people to Sitges for the event.
11 September National Day of Catalonia
22 September - 23 September Feast of Santa Tecla with a small fireworks display.
03 October - 12 October Sitges international film festival (for more information see our Festivals in Sitges - A guide to the annual events and gatherings.)
03 October - 05 October Winetasting festival of Sitges
01 November All Saints´ Day
06 December Constitution's Day
08 December Day of the Immaculate Conception
25 December Christmas Day

Sitges is a town with a reputation for creativity and fun. This is reflected in its many and varied events throughout the year. If you are planning to take a trip to Sitges, it is worth having a look at the events calendar to see whether you can time your holiday to coincide with something exciting happening in the town.

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